Completed in 2006, my studio is a unique building that I designed and built to meet my specific needs as an artist. Located in a mixed residential and industrial neighborhood south of downtown Seattle, with many artists' studios, galleries, bars and restaurants within easy walking distance, it is the ideal place to live and work. The building is comprised of around 950 square feet of living space and about 2000 square feet of workshop and garage space. The main studio has sixteen foot ceilings, a ten-foot high roll-up door and in-floor radiant heating. With an overhead hoist, an electric forklift, and a wide variety of tools and machines, I can focus on my work and let the world outside go on about its business. I have most everything I need in one place and what I don't have the equipment to do myself I can readily find nearby: machine shops, waterjet cutters, pipe and plate rollers, painters and powder-coaters are all within a short drive of my shop.

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An Art-Full Solution

by David Berger

Seattle Times – Pacific NW Magazine

21 Oct. 2007

360° Studio Tour

by Bradford Bohonus

Bohonus VR Photography

April 2009