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Fire Station # 2, Albuquerque, NM

A rocket ship in the guise of an Albuquerque fire engine, Fire Rocket serves as a metaphor for the rapid response capabilities of a modern fire fighting force and makes reference to New Mexico’s long history of rocketry.

Painted and powder-coated aluminum, solar panel, animated LED lights.

​Albuquerque Public Art Program and

the Albuquerque Fire Department

Fire Station #2 was designed by RMKM Architecture, Albuquerque, NM

Civic Center Station, Los Angeles, CA
Four polished granite benches on LA Metro commuter-rail platform provide seating and encourage interaction among passengers.
LA Metro Public Art Program

King County International Airport, Seattle, WA
Cut-out steel panels depict a fictional city skyline inspired by 1930s aviation posters with exaggerated perspective, towering thunderclouds, glaring searchlights and a vintage Boeing 307 flying overhead.
Powder-coated steel
4Culture Public Art Program

Froula Park at Roosevelt Reservoir, Seattle, WA
The installation consists of a pair of cast concrete armchairs with bronze trim and a cast concrete side table sitting atop a shaped and textured concrete slab. The room is bordered by a concrete-block wall faced with cultured stone.
Seattle Arts Commission percent for Art project.

THWACK! 2016

THWACK! is the sound of an axe striking wood and serves as the onomatopoeic title for this colossal hatchet that appears to be embedded in the gallery floor.
The piece was recently included in the B.A.M. Biennial Exhibition: Metalmorphosis at the Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA. 
Powder-coated and painted aluminum

THWACK! is currently available for purchase. Please inquire using the email address found on Contact page.

TEAPOT  2012

Reiquam was one of thirty-five artists invited to participate in an International Sculpture Symposium in Zhangjiakou, China. This giant steel teapot suggests an ancient ceramic relic reconstructed from broken pottery shards. With the help of local fabricators, the piece was built in three short weeks in time for the gala opening.


Capital School Park, Juneau, AK
Memorial to Japanese and Japanese Americans from Juneau who were interned during World War II.
Inspired by the story of Juneau High School Class Valedictorian, John Tanaka and his family who were imprisoned prior to his 1942 graduation ceremony. In his place, his classmates placed an empty chair to represent him and the loss they felt at the forced removal of their friends and neighbors. The bronze chair, modeled after a folding wooden chair of the period, is approximately one and a half times life size.

The Empty Chair was recognized in 2014 by the Americans for the Arts – Public Art Network - Year-in-Review as one of the year’s outstanding public art projects nationwide.


The Empty Chair Committee and

​the City and Borough of Juneau

Parkrose Dining Set and Parkrose Armchairs
Portland, OR
This installation of galvanized steel furniture sits on the Parkrose Station commuter-rail platform. In addition to the dining set and two armchairs seen here, the project includes four additional armchairs and two ottomans on an adjacent pedestrian plaza.
Tri-Met Public Art Project

Martha Lake Community Park, Everett, WA
Inspired by the site’s former use as a small regional airstrip, Simple Arrow consists of a series of five stainless steel sculptures that describe the steps required to fold a simple paper airplane, or simple arrow. The sculptures are placed sixty feet apart on concrete pedestals and reveal the process of folding the airplane as the viewer walks along a footpath, each becoming progressively more folded or unfolded depending on the direction of travel.
Snohomish County Arts Commission

Willis Street Gateway, Kent, WA.
This cartoon corn recalls the history of the Kent Valley as a rich agricultural area. Big Corn was recognized in 2007 by the Americans for the Arts – Public Art Network - Year-in-Review as one of the year’s outstanding public art projects nationwide.
Powder-coated steel
Kent Arts Commission


Seattle, WA

​Inspired by Seattle Police Detective, Denise “Cookie” Bouldin and the chess clubs she has established throughout the Rainier Beach community.  At night, royal purple light spills out through the sculptures' perforated stainless steel skin. The LED uplights are powered by a solar panel located nearby.

​Seattle Office of Arts and Culture and 

Seattle Department of Transportation


Seattle Fire Station # 9

​Inspired by the iconic Eveready Battery logo depicting a stylized black cat with a lightning-bolt tail jumping through the number 9, Nine Lives expands this graphic image into a giant three- dimensional cat that appears to be stepping off of the firehouse roof. Nine Lives was recognized in 2013 by the Americans for the Arts - Public Art Network as one of the year’s outstanding public art projects nationwide.

Powder-coated aluminum, glass, LED light

Seattle Office of Arts and Culture and the

​Seattle Fire Department

​Fire Station #9 was designed by Mithun, Seattle, WA


Paine Field Community Park, Everett, WA
A sixteen-foot diameter flying saucer functions as an iconic sculpture and a unique plaza shelter. Landing Zone was recognized in 2008 by the Americans for the Arts – Public Art Network - Year-in-Review as one of the year’s outstanding public art projects nationwide.
Powder-coated aluminum, concrete, natural stone
Snohomish County Arts Commission 


Seattle, WA
Reiquam led a team of six artists in the creation of a series of culturally inspired cut-out metal panels installed on Sound Transit's Martin Luther King Light-Rail Corridor.
Reiquam's panel depicts Seattle's annual Seafair Festival. 

Sound Transit Public Art Program


King County Library, Carnation, WA.

The colossal lamp serves as a contemporary site marker and a beacon for the library’s entry plaza.
Bronze, light
King County Library System

​The library was designed by Miller Hull Partnership, Seattle, WA

Copyright Peter Reiquam. All rights reserved.


Pierce County Skills Center, Puyallup, WA

Hit or Miss represents the most basic of tools and by extension all of the specialized tools used in the various programs taught at the Skills Center.

Nail benches provide an interactive element and suggest that failure is an integral part of learning any new skill.

Powder-coated aluminum.

Washington State Arts Commission and

the Bethel School District.

Washington State University - Riverpoint Campus, Spokane, WA.
The installation consists of two over-size, polished granite armchairs, fabricated bronze coffee table and two bronze bookcases filled with internally illuminated cast-glass books. The outdoor reading room functions as a unique gathering place adjacent to a library and academic center.
Washington State Arts Commission Percent for Art project.


Conway School, Conway, WA

Bumper Crop celebrates the bounty of the Skagit Valley and the family garden.

The random arrangement of the installation's components suggests that some giant may have just entered the scene and upended a bumper crop of magic beans in the school's central courtyard. Could this be the prequel to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk?

Washington State Arts Commission in partnership with

the Conway School District

Fire Station #4, Roswell, GA
Seven powder-coated stainless steel buckets, graduated in size, are arranged in an arc describing the motion of passing a bucket of water, hand to hand, neighbor to neighbor, and throwing it onto a raging fire. Bucket Brigade is a simple idea, but one that is meant to honor the people who work together as a team, risking their own lives to save the lives and property of others.

Each bucket contains a low-voltage LED fixture and a blue acrylic lens representing the surface of the water inside. The largest and smallest buckets feature thermo-formed plastic “water”.

The City of Roswell in partnership with the

Roswell Arts Fund and the Roswell Fire Department

Fire Station #4 was designed by Pieper, O'Brien & Herr Architects, Alpharetta, GA